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If You Want to Look Better, Play Sports


Everybody wants to look their best. One way to do it is through playing sports. To start, playing sports is great for your skin. Although your skin might be very important to you, it isn't very important to your body, unfortunately. You skin is the least of your body's worries. Let me explain.


Your blood carries all sorts of things that are vital to your life and to your organs, nutrients included. However, blood circulation can get sluggish from inactivity. Playing sports gets your blood pumping and flowing the way it should, which means that all of your organs will get the nutrients and other things they need. When your blood is sluggish, your body has to decide which organs are important and which organs should get the nutrients first. And your body will put your skin last on the list, leaving it dull, dry and tired looking. Good circulation means you will have the most youthful and glowing skin possible.


Playing sports will also give you stronger, toner muscles. A firm body is a more youthful body and who doesn't want that? Toned muscles mean better posture which can also drastically improve your appearance. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and exercise can do a lot to make you feel better about yourself so that when you look in the mirror and behold yourself, you will be pleased. You should go to the original site to learn more.


Playing sports releases chemicals in your brain that make you happy. Dopamine is one of those chemicals. When dopamine is released it causes you to have a positive outlook on things. And that positive outlook extends to the outlook you have on yourself. Even before the actual cosmetic benefits start, you will believe that you look better. Feeling more confident about the way you look will boost your confidence. You can learn more by clicking here!


To get the best cosmetic benefits from playing sports, you need to choose a sport that is really high-energy. Basketball, tennis, soccer and volleyball are great choices. The key is to find a sport that really gets your heart rate up and that really gets you sweating. Have you ever wondered why athletes have such nice skin? It's because of the cosmetic benefits of sports. If you aren't very active and worry that you won't be able to do the more intense sports, you can always start with a low-energy sport like golf until you get used to be active. To learn more about the advantages of playing sports, you can go to

Post by sportsandactivities (2015-11-23 13:31)

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